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The ‘Trump effect’ has slowed illegal U.S. border crossings. But for how long?

Apprehensions by the Border Patrol have fallen sharply this year.

Trump AWOL on Stopping Next Russian Election Hack

Despite warnings, the Trump administration has done little to stop the next Russian hack, according to intelligence officials, experts and state officials.

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Where did Trump the Outsourcing Slayer go?

After promising "consequences" for sending jobs overseas, President Donald Trump’s threats don't seem to be paying off.

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Dreaming of Trump

Trumps supporters keep energetically turning out to his rallies, even now that the election is over.

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US Mayors: Look to Us, Not Washington, for Results

Think Washington, D.C., and your statehouse are irredeemable and unproductive? Look to city hall for answers. That's the message from the nation's ...

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Russia probe led by Mueller is 'ridiculous' says Trump

The Russia probe led by Robert Mueller is staffed by Clinton supporters, making it "ridiculous", says President Trump.

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Trump says Russia investigator’s relationship with Comey is ‘very bothersome’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump suggested he was just trying to keep fired FBI Director James Comey honest with his cryptic tweet implying there might be recordings of their private conversations. Trump ended a monthlong guessing game ...

Trump Calls Special Prosecutor's Friendship With Comey 'Bothersome'

President Donald Trump said he's concerned over the friendship between former FBI Director James Comey, whom he fired in May, and special counsel Robert Mueller.

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Trump: Friendship Between Leader of Russia Probe, Fired FBI Director 'Very Bothersome'

In his first televised face-to-face interview in six weeks, U.S. President Donald Trump said it is "very bothersome" that the man leading the probe into possible ties between his campaign and Russia is friends with former FBI Director James Comey. Trump told Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends" that special counsel Robert Mueller is "very, very ...

Depp talks about 'assassinating' Trump

Even before Johnny Depp said it, the actor seemed to know that his comment would ignite controversy.

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Indian PM Modi to Visit President Trump With Hopes of Expanded Ties

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads to the United States for his first meeting with President Donald Trump amid anxiety in New Delhi about ...

What young Indians think of Donald Trump

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to meet US President Donald Trump for the first time on Monday.

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Glastonbury 2017: Johnny Depp hints at Trump 'assassination'

"When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?" the star asks fans at Glastonbury.

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Otto Warmbier is home, but questions abound about his time in North Korea

Will Warmbier’s mistreatment cause the Trump administration to rethink its policy?

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How teen moms in Nigeria could wind up hurt by Trump’s U.N. cuts

Will the defunding of the United Nations’ family-planning agency lead to fewer abortions or more?

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Trump wants to deport MS-13 gang members. El Salvador is dreading their return.

Salvadoran officials fear a flood of newly arrived gang members will drive up violence.

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Indonesia Says It Safeguards Rights of All, Including LGBT Citizens

Faced with growing criticism over recent anti-LGBT actions in Indonesia, the Jakarta government has told VOA it will safeguard the rights of all ...

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Q&A: Putin Critic Weighs in on ‘Putin Interviews’ Series

As the dust from Oliver Stone’s politically explosive (or not, depending upon which American you ask) “Putin Interviews” begins to settle, Russian viewers were just finishing the concluding episode Thursday. In the United States, where the controversial series — four hourlong episodes — was made available to Showtime subscribers June 12-15, ...

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As US public anger towards the Hermit Kingdom grows, how will Trump react?

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DC Roundup: No Comey Tapes, Senate Bill, Technology Week at WH

Developments in Washington, D.C., on Thursday include President Donald Trump saying he did not tape discussions with fired FBI Director James Comey, questioning why former President Barack Obama didn't stop Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Senate Republicans releasing their version of a health care bill for the country, as well as drone and ...

Trump Wanted 'Heart' in the GOP Health Care Bill. He Didn't Get It

The Senate bill is easy to summarize: It cuts health spending and uses the savings to finance large tax cuts for wealthy Americans and medical ... /
Trump admits he doesn’t have tapes of private Comey meetings

President Trump said on Twitter that he "did not make" and doesn't have recordings of his private conversations with ousted former FBI Director James ... /
Congressional Black Caucus declines meeting with Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus on Wednesday rejected a meeting with President Donald Trump in a response letter to his assistant Omarosa Manigault.

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Trump Tweets He Has No Comey Tapes

U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday he did not record his conversations with former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey. Comey ...

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Israeli airline El Al banned from asking women to switch seats

Female passengers can't be asked to switch seats at request of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, says court.

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New Trump Executive Order May Increase US Visa Wait Times

The wait for visitor visas to the United States could get a little longer, after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday revoking an Obama-era guideline on processing times at consulates. The brief order, which was issued without comment from the White House or State Department, deletes a subsection of a 2012 order that ... /
Trump promises immigration law banning welfare benefits, but it already exists

Donald Trump promised an immigration bill that would bar immigrants from receiving welfare, however, what he didn't know is that the law already exists.

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