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[BEARISH]: Bank Of Hawaii Corp UIX index implies that the downside risk of the current trading price is low. Currently, the UIX is 2.898.

A technical indicator that measures downside risk in terms of both depth and duration of price declines. The Ulcer Index (UI) increases in value as the price moves farther away from a recent high and falls as the price rises to new highs. The indicator is usually calculated over 14 days with the UI showing the percentage drawdown a trader can expect from the high over that period. The greater the value of the UI the longer it takes for a stock to get back to the former high.

[Calculation] Ulcer Index:
1) Percentage Drawdown = [(Close - 14-period High Close)/14-period High Close] x 100;
2) Squared Average = (14-period Sum of Percentage Drawdown Squared)/14;
3) Ulcer Index = Square Root of Squared Average;

Top 10:

Ulcer Index

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Company Close Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
VFC VF Corp 92.94 4.1 4,290,400 5.88 BEARISH
CIG Comp En De Mn Cemig Ads 2.08 4 5,215,644 7.12 BEARISH
TRN Trinity Industries 37.07 3.4 5,298,836 5.03 BEARISH
NUE Nucor Corp 66.1 2.2 2,576,097 5.8 BEARISH
GG Goldcorp Inc 13.61 1.9 5,674,293 7.44 BEARISH
EC Ecopetrol SA 20.86 1.8 677,677 11.45 BEARISH
BMA Banco Macro 67.66 1.8 180,249 9.66 BEARISH
EW Edwards Lifesciences Corp 152.62 1.6 1,530,221 5.17 BEARISH
BAP Credicorp 229.57 1.2 175,183 6.11 BEARISH
CLH Clean Harbors 56.97 1.1 219,691 5.29 BEARISH
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