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The Market Facilitation Index is designed for evaluation the willingness of the market to move the price. The indicators absolute values alone cannot provide any trading signals unlike its dynamics in relation to the dynamics of the volume.

[Calculation] Bill Williams Market Facilitation Index:
1) Green bar - both MFI and volume are up. Increasing trading activity means market movement acceleration;
2) Blue bar - MFI indicator is up volume is down. The movement is continuing although the volume has dropped. The trend will soon be reversing;
3) Pink bar - MFI indicator is down volume is up. The slowing down movement while volume is raising may indicate a possible break through often a U-turn;
4) Brown bar - both MFI and volume are down. The market is no longer interested in the current direction and is looking for signs of a future development;

Top 10:

Bill Williams Market Facilitation Index

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Company Close Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
CCJ Cameco Corp 11.16 5.3 2,839,325 0 NEUTRAL
SID Companhia Siderurgica Nacional 2.13 4.4 3,017,256 0 NEUTRAL
VFC VF Corp 92.94 4.1 4,290,400 0 NEUTRAL
CIG Comp En De Mn Cemig Ads 2.08 4 5,215,644 0 NEUTRAL
SWK Stanley Black & Decker Inc 144.23 3.3 4,129,769 0 NEUTRAL
UGP Ultrapar Participacoes SA 11.4 3.3 684,435 0 NEUTRAL
CE Celanese Corp 113.33 3 2,897,757 0 NEUTRAL
VIV Telef¶nica Brasil 11.72 2.6 2,535,255 0 NEUTRAL
PAM Pampa Energia SA 38.39 2.5 134,452 0 NEUTRAL
IBN Icici Bank 7.9 2.2 2,936,192 0 NEUTRAL
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