About Tricklar

Discover, explore and compare the latest technical analysis from all major stock exchanges. Get access to more than 150 technical & fundamental indicators covering a wide range of areas including:


  • Accumulation/Distribution

    • Accumulation Distribution Line
    • Commodity Channel Index
    • Chaikin Money Flow
    • Daily Volume Index
    • Money Flow Index
    • On Balance Volume


  • Bar Analysis

    • Island Reversal
    • Gap Down
    • Gap Up
    • Key Reversal
    • Hook Reversal
    • Close Reversal
    • Open Close Reversal
    • Pivot Reversal
    • Bar Reversal
    • Close Today Versus Close Yesterday
    • Close Today Versus Range Today
    • Open Today Versus Close Today
    • Range Today Versus Range Yesterday


  • Japanese Candlestick

    • Short White Candlestick
    • Long White Candlestick
    • White Marubozu Candlestick
    • White Opening Marubozu Candlestick
    • White Closing Marubozu Candlestick
    • White Spinning Top Candlestick
    • Short Black Candlestick
    • Long Black Candlestick
    • Black Marubozu Candlestick
    • Black Opening Marubozu Candlestick
    • Black Closing Marubozu Candlestick
    • Black Spinning Top Candlestick
    • Four Price Doji Candlestick
    • Long Legged Doji Candlestick
    • Dragonfly Doji Candlestick
    • Gravestone Doji Candlestick Pattern
    • White Candlestick Pattern
    • Black Candlestick Pattern
    • Doji Candlestick Pattern
    • Basic Candle
    • Open Window
    • Closed Window
    • Bull Gap side-side Candlestick Pattern
    • Bear Gap side-side Candlestick Pattern
    • Rising Three Candlestick Pattern
    • Falling Three Candlestick Pattern
    • Advance Block Candlestick Pattern
    • White Soldiers Candlestick Pattern
    • Bull Separating Lines Candlestick Pattern
    • Bear Separating Lines Candlestick Pattern
    • Bull Tasuki Candlestick Pattern
    • Bear Tasuki Candlestick Pattern
    • Three White Soldiers Candlestick Pattern
    • Two White Soldiers Candlestick Pattern
    • Continuation Candle
    • Evening Abandoned Baby Candlestick Pattern
    • Evening Star Candlestick Pattern
    • Inverted Hammer Candlestick Pattern
    • Morning Abandoned Baby Candlestick Pattern
    • Morning Star Candlestick Pattern
    • Evening Doji Star Candlestick Pattern
    • Morning Doji Star Candlestick Pattern
    • Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern
    • Star Candle
    • Hammer Candlestick Pattern
    • Hangingman Candlestick Pattern
    • Bullish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern
    • Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern
    • Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern
    • Piercing Candlestick Pattern
    • Strong Reversal
    • Bull Harami Candlestick Pattern
    • Bear Harami Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Hangingman Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Harami_Cross Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Shooting Star Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Hammer Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Piercing Candlestick Pattern
    • Tweezer Candlestick Pattern
    • Bull Belt-Hold Candlestick Pattern
    • Bear Belt-Hold Candlestick Pattern
    • Upside Gap Two Crows Candlestick Pattern
    • Two Crows Candlestick Pattern
    • Three Black Crows Candlestick Pattern
    • Bull Counterattack Candlestick Pattern
    • Bear Counterattack Candlestick Pattern
    • High Wave Line Candlestick Pattern
    • Weak Reversal Candle


  • Fundamental

    • Ex-Dividend Date
    • MCAP / Shares / Free Float
    • PE / EPS
    • BOOK / PBOOK / PEG
    • Market Capitalisation
    • Revenue
    • Earnings per share
    • EBITDA
    • Book value
    • Price-to-sales ratio
    • Price-to-book ratio
    • Price earnings ratio
    • Price earnings growth ratio
    • Number of shares
    • Free float


  • Momentum

    • Moving Average Convergence Divergence
    • Moving Average Convergence Divergence Volume
    • Momentum Oscillator
    • Percentage Price Oscillator
    • Percentage Volume Oscillator
    • Rate of Change
    • Volume Rate of Change


  • Overbought/Oversold

    • Acceleration Bands
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Donchian Channels
    • Moving Average Envelope
    • Relative Strength Index
    • Stochastic Oscillator
    • Williams %R


  • Support/Resistance

    • Fibonacci Extensions
    • Fibonacci Fans
    • Fibonacci Retracements
    • Pivot Points
    • Camarilla Pivot Points
    • Demark's Pivot Points
    • Woodie Pivot Points


  • Statistics

    • Closing Price
    • High Price
    • Low Price
    • Opening Price
    • Price Range
    • Volume


  • Trend Following

    • Detrended Price Oscillator
    • Exponential Moving Average
    • Simple Moving Average
    • Sine Weighted Moving Average
    • Triangular Moving Average
    • Weighted Moving Average


  • Trend Status

    • Average Directional Movement
    • IndexAroon Oscillator
    • Average True Range
    • First timeframe trend
    • Second timeframe trend
    • Third timeframe trend


  • Volatility

    • Bill Williams Market Facilitation Index
    • Cole's Reaction Day
    • Elder's Force Index
    • Ease of Movement
    • Elder Ray Index
    • Ulcer Index


Tricklar Finance keeps you up to date with daily changes in company & market trading conditions. Easily find which stocks are Bullish & Bearish for each indicator at a given point in time which allows you to focus on the indicators that matter to you. Customize your view to focus you attention on certain companies to ensure you don’t miss a thing.   Now it is time to for you to shape your perspective of the news and view only the news that is important to you.




Why should I use Tricklar?

Tricklar Finance is a unique concept that enables the users to visually see how the market is changing across various stock exchanges, indices, sectors and companies. Tricklar has been designed with the user in mind & provides an intuitive tool set to easily navigate through the mountains of financial information present. It helps the user identify where changes are happening in the market from both a technical and fundamental perspective. We take the complexity out of technical analysis and overlay this with a site that is setup for ease of access and information sharing that provides interesting insights and depth to a company story.


Our Goal

Our goal at Tricklar is to provide the users with the tools to get informed ASAP. This result is achieved through the unique combination of features for users to READ, DISCOVER & INVESTIGATE technical analysis and fundamental analysis. We have provided our users with a unique tool set which is both fun, intuitive, interactive and more importantly value adding for everyone.


How do I change my news location?

Tricklar uses auto-location technology to identify what news best suits your location. There may be circumstances in which you want to see news content from other exchanges i.e. New York Stock Exchange or London Stock Exchange. Simply change the Exchange identifier at the top of any page and the source content will be modified directly.


What is a word cloud?

A word cloud is a visual representation of word frequency and relevance for ticker codes. In order to provide more valuable results the word cloud algorithm excludes, combines and scales text in order to provide a result that is both valuable and aesthetically pleasing.


Why use word clouds?

Since humans tend to think in associated concepts and models; we are more inclined to understand something if the concepts are provided straight away. Word clouds have the ability to add depth and relevance to an event and begin to provide you with thought provoking ideas immediately.


Why is company analysis important?

By giving users access to company analysis tools, a user can quickly navigation through relevant articles, compare similar technical indicators or explore the company in detail. It’s really about finding the most relevant articles that are important to you fast and create new search paths that you would not traditionally find.   


How can I discover companies of interest?

Discovery is a powerful tool which enables users to track category based key developments and performance over time. The most important Companies or Indices are highlighted to gain a perspective of how the financial conditions are evolving.

This is constantly being updated and will change as the markets do which enables users to easily track trends and significant technical events. Within seconds, a user can be brought up to speed with recent technical and fundamental events with Tricklar’s unique visual representation tools. This means the users can get a sense of the current market environment instantly and spend more time reading the stories that really matters.


How can I customise my own financial news page and only receive the stories that are important to me?

Tricklar aggregates the most relevant news stories for you from a multiple of stock exchanges, Indices, Sectors and a multiple of technical and fundamental indicators. Now it is time to for you to shape your perspective of the news and view the new that is important to you. Simply add a filter to your account and the site will do the rest. There are three types of filters; Stock Exchange, Company or Indices so you can be creative as you like. There are a multitude of combinations that are only limited by your imagination.


What are featured articles?

Featured articles are the most important stories that are having a high impact on that financial news categories throughout the day. If users want news quickly, these are the stories that should be seen.


How can I search for a Company?

Simply type the company name or relevant stock ticker code under the ‘Search’ menu and click search. You have the ability to select the exchange of interest if you want to check a specific company or index on another stock exchange.


How does this site differ from other financial sites?

If it appears on Tricklar it will be newsworthy. We only aggregate high quality sources that have a solid reputation and high quality content. In our view, it’s all about getting informed and try to give the user a balance opinion of current technical and fundamental events from a variety of sources. For us, it’s not just about collating stories, it’s about adding value and depth to a story through discovery and investigation. Tricklar prides itself from removing the news from the noise and provides the tools for the user to understand how the news is evolving.

The site has been designed with the users in mind with fun, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. We go beyond the traditional aggregation sites and provide users the ability to discover, explore, compare and customise content ensuring value is always added to the user’s experience.  


How can I set up my own personalised page?

All you have to do is register or login to enable this feature. Once you have logged on, you can add and apply filters anyway you like. This is a really powerful feature and allows the users to be as generic or as specific as you like. You can add or remove filters at any time with ease an you can be as creative as you like. Take hold of the news and make it your own.


Tricklar’s Blog

Tricklar blog looks at the most interesting stories, topics and points of interest, comparative analytics, emerging trends and statistics for each country. Why not get involved in the conversation and have you say?