U S Concrete Inc

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Backtest results

Position Trades Duration Win rate Win/loss Avg win Avg loss Return
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%

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Trading Performance

Sine Weighted Moving Average



Position Trades Duration Win Rate Win/Loss Avg Win Avg Loss Return
LONG 33 14.0 0.48% 0.94% 2.4% -7.0% -79.4%
SHORT 33 9.9 0.39% 0.65% 4.4% -4.9% -41.0%


Technical Analysis

U S Concrete Inc (USCR)



Last Signal:


Trading: BUY @ $48.75
Signal Strength: STRONG

Indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading entry. This indicator has the ability to highlight trends across numerous timeframes. This indicator has the ability to smooth historical results to illustrate trend initiation and status. Although this is a simple trend following indicator & can provide good results when coupled with the right indicator. Note, this indicator does not work well in ranging markets producing unwanted whipsaws and false signals.

U S Concrete Inc (NASDAQ:USCR) currently has a confirmed uptrend. Recent trading has caused the SWMA 15 day average to exceed the closing price confirming the short term trend following indicator. Currently, the return on SWMA15 is -0.2%.

A Sine wave is a smooth repetitive oscillation that shifts between a high of y and a low of -y. A SW-MA takes its weighting from the first half of a Sine wave cycle so the largest weighting is given to the data in the middle. The result is very similar to the Triangular Moving Average (Tri-MA) but much more difficult to calculate.

Calculation: Sine Weighted Moving Average (SWMA):
1) PI:=3.14;
2) SD:=180/6;
3) S1:=Sin(1*180/6)*C;
4) S2:=Sin(2*180/6)*Ref(C -1);
5) S3:=Sin(3*180/6)*Ref(C -2);
6) S4:=Sin(4*180/6)*Ref(C -3);
7) S5:=Sin(5*180/6)*Ref(C -4);
8) Num:=S1+S2+S3+S4+S5;
9) Den:=Sin(SD)+Sin(2*SD)+Sin(3*SD)+Sin(4*SD)+Sin(5*SD);
10) SWMA=Num/Den

PROFILE: U S Concrete Inc (USCR)

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
Company: U S Concrete Inc
Ticker Codes: | USCR | NASDAQ:USCR |

About U S Concrete Inc (NASDAQ:USCR):

U.S. Concrete, Inc., through its subsidiaries, produces and sells ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, and concrete-related products and services to the construction industry in the United States and Canada. It operates through two segments, Ready-Mixed Concrete and Aggregate Products. The Ready-Mixed Concrete segment engages in the formulation, preparation, and delivery of ready-mixed concrete to customers' job sites; and the provision of various services that include the formulation of mixtures for specific design uses, on-site and lab-based product quality control, and customized delivery programs. The Aggregate Products segment offers crushed stone, sand, and gravel for use in commercial, industrial, and public works projects. The company also engages in the operation of building materials stores; provision of concrete blocks, lime slurry, and Aridus rapid-drying concrete technology; sale of brokered products; hauling and recycled aggregates operation activities; distribution of aggregates; and operation of industrial waterfront marine terminal and sales yard. It primarily serves concrete sub-contractors, general contractors, governmental agencies, property owners and developers, architects, engineers, and home builders. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Euless, Texas.

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