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[BEARISH]: Nova Measuring Instruments currently has a confirmed downtrend. Recent trading has caused the EMA 5 day average to move below the closing price confirming the short term trend following indicator. Currently, the return on EMA5 is -0.4%.

An exponential moving average (EMA) is a type of moving average that is similar to a simple moving average except that more weight is given to the latest data. It’s also known as the exponentially weighted moving average. This type of moving average reacts faster to recent price changes than a simple moving average.

Calculation: Exponential Moving Average:
1) Initial SMA: n period sum / n;
2) Multiplier: (2 / (Time periods + 1));
3) EMA: {Close – EMA (previous day)} x multiplier + EMA (previous day).

PROFILE: Nova Measuring Instruments (NVMI)

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
Company: Nova Measuring Instruments
Ticker Codes: | NVMI | NASDAQ:NVMI |

About Nova Measuring Instruments (NASDAQ:NVMI):

Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. designs, develops, produces, and sells process control systems used in the manufacture of semiconductors in Israel. The company offers in-line optical and x-ray stand-alone metrology systems, as well as integrated optical metrology systems that attach directly to wafer fabrication process equipment. Its products include thin film and optical CD process control solutions for dimensional, films, and material metrology measurements for process control across various semiconductor manufacturing process steps, including lithography, etch, chemical mechanical polishing, and deposition. The company serves various sectors of the integrated circuit manufacturing industry, including logic, ASIC, foundries, and memory manufactures, as well as end users and process equipment manufacturers worldwide. Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Ness Ziona, Israel.

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