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The Aroon Oscillator is the difference between Aroon-Up and Aroon-Down. These two indicators are usually plotted together for easy comparison but chartists can also view the difference of these two indicators with the Aroon Oscillator. This indicator fluctuates between -100 and +100 with zero as the middle line.

Calculation: Aroon Oscillator (ARO) :
1) Aroon Up = 100 x (25 - Days Since 25-day High)/25;
2) Aroon Down = 100 x (25 - Days Since 25-day Low)/25;
3) Aroon Oscillator = Aroon-Up - Aroon-Down;

PROFILE: Mdc Partners (MDCA)

Stock Exchange: NASDAQ
Company: Mdc Partners
Ticker Codes: | MDCA | NASDAQ:MDCA |

About Mdc Partners (NASDAQ:MDCA):

MDC Partners Inc. provides marketing, advertising, activation, communications, and strategic consulting solutions worldwide. It offers a range of customized services, including global advertising and marketing services; media buying, planning, and optimization; interactive and mobile marketing; direct marketing; database and customer relationship management; sales promotion; corporate communications; market research; data analytics and insights; corporate identity, design, and branding services; social media communications; product and service innovation; e-commerce management; and technology services. The company was formerly known as MDC Corporation Inc. and changed its name to MDC Partners Inc. in January 2004. MDC Partners Inc. was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in New York, New York.

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Aroon Oscillator

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AKAO Achaogen Inc 4.55 6.3 556,713 -84 BEARISH
DHXM DHX Media Ltd 1.07 6.1 210,438 -68 BEARISH
LJPC La Jolla Pharma 22.07 5.3 209,868 -68 BEARISH
TSLA Tesla Inc 299.02 4.9 8,223,530 -64 BEARISH
EPZM Epizyme Inc 10.27 4.8 295,993 -40 BEARISH
PME Pingtan Marine 2.34 4.5 37,410 -28 BEARISH
COLL Collegium Pharma 14.87 4.3 373,509 -48 BEARISH
SBLK Star Bulk Carriers 12.82 4.3 459,515 -24 BEARISH
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