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A Chinese military ship has been spying on war games off the Australian coast

A Chinese spy ship has been observing Australian and US forces during war games off the Queensland coast this month. The ABC has revealed that the high-tech intelligence ship from the People's Liberation Army was spotted in international waters, but within Australia's special economic zone, by Defence as the joint ...

'Provocative' act: Chinese spy ship rattles US-Australian war games

A high-tech Chinese spy ship is spotted off the Queensland coast monitoring joint military exercises between Australia and the United States, in what Defence officials describe as "unfriendly" actions.

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Pope Francis 'influenced' accused vandals

A man accused of desecrating a Brisbane war memorial has told a court they were inspired by Pope Francis.

Military veterans are a problem for the Trump administration's war on marijuana

The Trump administration's attack on legal marijuana is clashing with military veterans.

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'Aggressive': Chinese spy ship monitors Australia-US war games

A Chinese ship has been spying on major war games taking place between Australia and the United States off the coast of Queensland.

'The war has just started'

Mosul and its people may be free of Islamic State for now but their troubles are far from over.

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'A unique gift': National Archives hands back priceless Japanese records

Canberra's National Archives will return to Japan thousands of archival records seized during World War II

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NSW judge seeks answers on possible Afghanistan war crimes

Answers to allegations about events during Australian Defence Force service in Afghanistan are being sought as part of an official inquiry.

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Iraq's most house-proud man sweeps away the detritus of war in Mosul

The men on the ground in Mosul know that capturing the rubble that once formed its iconic mosque is not the end of this fight.

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