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Conspiracy Bot Shows That Computers Can Be As Gullible As Humans 

Computers believe in conspiracy theories now. The New Inquiry's Francis Tseng trained a bot to recognise patterns in photos and draw links between similar pictures, forming the kind of conspiracy-theory diagram seen in the last act of a Homeland episode or the front page of Reddit. It's a cute trick that reminds ...

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What the experts think about Elon Musk's plan to colonise Mars (Yahoo and Agencies)

Musk's plans include enabling a million people to leave Earth and launching flights to Mars as early as 2023.

HSC HSIE: Aboriginal Studies: Passion is key to success

Use your knowledge of current and local events to your advantage.

HSC Visual Arts: Refine your ideas and technical skills

In the written exam, use artists, artworks and art world examples from your case studies.

HSC HSIE: Studies of Religion: Expression of belief is dynamic

You must select different religious traditions for Sections II and III.

HSC HSIE: Advice from the Aboriginal Studies inspector

Positive experiences are likely to stay with you beyond school.

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