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The Seven Most Annoying Types Of Gamers [Infographic]

Like most hobbies, gaming has its own subset of deeply annoying fans. We encounter them on a daily basis, be it through Twitter, online games or godawful IRL debates. Here are seven of the most infuriating types. from "the nostalgic" (who insists everything prior to 1990 is a bona fide classic) to "the contrarian" ...

Latest Obamacare repeal killed off as more Republicans jump ship

Donald Trump's hopes of repealing Barack Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act are in turmoil after two more Republicans announced their opposition to the legislation in the closely divided Senate.

Trump demands action as defections spell collapse for Republicans' health bill

For seven years, Republicans have vowed to "repeal and replace" Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act. Now Donald Trump says they should just repeal and ...

Lifehacker /
Gumtree Just Got A Shiny New Makeover

Gumtree has been around for 10 years now - and was well overdue for an upgrade. But it's not just a new look for ...

Victorian renters 'pushed to the limit' by record low affordability

Booming house prices and wage stagnation have been blamed for making rental affordability the worst it's ever been in ...

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New Nintendo 2DS XL review: big portable gaming at a smaller price

Nintendo's 3DS line might only have a year or two of vitality left with the advent of the hybrid Switch console, but that hasn't stopped the company ...

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