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IB Times /
Perth Mint considering banning staff from wearing underwire bras

Perth Mint employees could be forced to give up their underwire bras for non-wired versions soon. The manufacturing facility is considering a ban on all clothing with metal, including underwire brassieres, in a bid to increase security.

Yahoo 7 /
Turkey lifts foreign travel ban on charged novelist

Istanbul - A Turkish court on Thursday lifted a foreign travel ban imposed on one of the country's leading contemporary novelists after she was put on trial on charges of supporting "terror" groups.

Yahoo 7 /
Tougher penalty call for fire ban offences

The final report into Victoria's bushfire preparedness has called for tougher penalties for people who ignore fire bans.

Crikey /
LEAKED: memo from the PM on securing One Nation support for Gonski 2.0

Under a deal made with Hanson's One Nation, the revised Gonski legislation will ban boys from attending school between the ages of four and 18, at ...

Yahoo 7 /
China opens gates to US beef imports

Beijing - China opened its gates to US beef imports this week, giving American cattle farmers much sought-after access to the country's massive ...

The West /
China's dog meat festival opens despite ban rumours

Yulin (China) - A notorious Chinese dog meat festival opened on Wednesday with butchers hacking slabs of canines and cooks frying the flesh despite ...

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