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Protesters demand justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire

Hundreds of protesters descended on Parliament Square in London to demand justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

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After Grenfell: are ‘towers’ even the best design for public housing blocks?

There is a dystopian stereotype about public housing that is remarkably common, which involves putting the blame put on all those damn high-rise towers. The post After Grenfell: are ‘towers’ even the best design for public housing blocks? appeared first on Crikey.

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Other London buildings combustible: PM

Prime Minister Theresa May says she's been informed that a number of British tower blocks have flammable cladding.

Hundreds of London buildings have cladding similar to Grenfell Tower: Theresa May

British PM Theresa May's office says around 600 buildings in England have cladding similar to the type blamed for the quick spread of flames in ...

Grenfell Tower survivors to move into luxury London complex

Displaced residents will be allocated a mix of one to three-bedroom units with a more "simple" interior, but same construction, the property ...

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Asbestos Found In Kid's Quad Bikes Prompts Australian Recall

Polaris has notified the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission of a recall of 12 models in its "youth" ...

London fire: Rookie firefighter April Cachia helped 20 to safety at Grenfell Tower

She had never seen actual flames, she's been on the job for five days.

Grenfell Tower fire: Government minister admits cladding was banned in the UK

The cladding used on London's Grenfell Tower is banned in the UK, a government minister admits.

London fire: Death toll rises as police announce criminal investigation

The death toll from the Grenfell Tower inferno has risen to 30.

Sorrow turns to anger as Grenfell Tower protesters storm town hall after fire

Several hundred Grenfell Tower protesters have stormed a town hall in London demanding justice.

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London fire: The missing, the courageous and one mother's guilt

Desperate families and friends have told of their search for missing loved ones - including children and the elderly - in the Grenfell Tower inferno.

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London tower block fire: Awake for Ramadan meal, young Muslims save residents

Muslims awake during the night due to their observation of Ramadan may have had a positive impact on the Grenfell Tower evacuation, according to at ...

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London tower fire could happen here: Australian buildings cloaked in flammable cladding

It is understood the same type of cladding that fuelled the London highrise fire has been installed on Australian buildings.

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London fire: Man peers out of window as fire engulfs Grenfell Tower flats

Seven hours after a ferocious blaze began in west London, a lone man stood at his window watching hundreds of firefighters work.

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What is cladding and why is it used on buildings?

Australian authorities have been told an audit of high-rise buildings with cladding is needed.

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London fire: Building safety under the spotlight after deadly blaze engulfs Grenfell Tower

London mayor Sadiq Khan says "questions must be answered" about how the latest tragedy occurred.

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London fire: Witnesses say Grenfell Tower was 'burning like paper'

"The whole thing just went up, it took off like a match to paper," said another Londoner.

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London fire: Neighbours heard children screaming for help from top floors of Grenfell Tower

Neighbours have described the horror of watching children trapped on the top floors of a 24-storey apartment block screaming for help and for their ...

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London fire: Grenfell Tower 'renovated with deadly cladding'

The London tower devastated by a vicious building fire may have been installed with flammable cladding during a recent renovation.

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London fire: Residents killed, dozens injured in 'horrific' Grenfell Tower blaze

A 24-storey building has been gutted by fire in London, killing at least 12 and injuring dozens.

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