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Why do lottery winners waste their good fortune with dump actions and stupid decisions?

Why are there so many that either don't understand it, disrespect it or see it as a curse? Rich people tend to be those with vison and willing to take risk whilst the poor are those without. Often people that are not used to dealing with money and the speed in which it comes will often be overwhelmed and consumed by the pressure involved with such power and responsibility. The numbers show that ~70% of lottery winners loose the bulk of the winnings in a short few years.


  1. Misplaced ticket
  2. Misplaced trust
  3. Wilful Non-disclosure
  4. Misguided outgoings
  5. Over indulgence
  6. Legal Discretions
  7. Fraud
  8. Generosity
  9. Greed
  10. Untrustworthy syndicates

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10 Dumbest Lottery Winners

Here is a laughable clip on how history tends to repeat itself and evolution of the dumbest triumphs. Dumbest lottery winners in history have all followed a simple formula to ensure their money is dwindled away in a short few years due to greed, egotistic and a thin veneer of opulence.

10 Unluckiest Lottery Winners

There are some people that believe good luck and bad is an outcome of fate. If good luck and bad luck was a matter of pure chance, than it would be spread amoung people quite evenly and everyone would bet a get a dose of both. Unfortunately this is often not the case,with some people seem to be continuously haunted by bad luck. Sometime things just were not meant to be as you can see from the lsit below:

  1. Hung Nguyen
  2. Dennise Rossi
  3. Joel Ifergan
  4. Carl Atwood
  5. Jose Antonio Cua-Toc
  6. [*]
  7. Frane Selak
  8. Andrew Whittaker
  9. Urooj Khan
  10. Timothy Elliot

7x Powerball Winner Offers Some Tips the Unwary

A humbling overview of how lottery winners continually become burdened with more problems than they originally had often leading the a life change of significant impact but not always for the better. Initial happyness overwhelms winners at first but in time they find out that they are no happier than there were before the money. The sudden change of circumstances often burdens the individuals with

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