ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop


Momentum(14) is increasing for ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop

[BULLISH]: ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop currently has positive momentum of 176.2. This means the current price is greater than the price 14 days ago and therefore gaining momentum. Currently, the return on momentum is 0%. The largest upward momentum rally for the last 3 months is 3 days producing a return of 1.7%.

ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop: Daily Performance (0.0%.)

[NEUTRAL]: Neither buyers are keener than sellers translating to the price remaining flat for ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop. This is the first day of neutral price movement for XXJ adding strength to indecision in the first timeframe. The longest consecutive number of unchanged days over the last 12 months has been 1 days, of which a total of 1 have occurred this month. The ratio of neutral days against total trading days equals 0x

ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop: Camarilla Pivot ($6974.8)

ASX 200 Fin-X-Prop current pivot point Camarilla is: $6974.8. The current resistance levels are: (R1) $7573.73: (R2) $8154.97: (R3) $8736.2: (R4) $10479.9The current support levels are: (S1) $6411.27: (S2) $5830.03: (S3) $5248.8: (S4) $3505.1

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