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Oil Search: Range Performance (15.4)

Oil Search: Range Performance (15.4)

[BEARISH]: Oil Search sellers are increasingly eager. This is the first day sellers have increasing eagerness for OSH adding strength to a downtrend in the first timeframe. The biggest price range this month has been $0.9600 & the greatest daily price range this year has been $2.1600. The price range ratio this week versus the quarterly price range is 0.4x & the price range ratio this month versus the year to date price range is 0.4x.

Oil Search MFI buying pressure has been relieved

[NEUTRAL]: Oil Search (ASX:OSH) current trading price has closed out money flow index oversold status and signalled the initiation of normal trading conditions. Currently, the MFI is 79.14. The previous bullish signal was active for 0 day. During the quarter, the lowest MFI value was 36.56.

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