Japara Healthcare


Daily trading performance for JHC has initiated a short term uptrend

[BULLISH]: Japara Healthcarebuyers are currently keener than sellers and are driving the price up. This is the first day of price rise for JHC adding strength to an uptrend change in the first timeframe. The biggest upward movement this month has been 3.5 & the greatest daily positive change this year has been 13.1. The longest consecutive upswing rally over the last 12 months has been 4 days giving a total rally upward movement of 13.1%. This quarter, the largest upswing rally has been 4 days giving a total rally upward movement of 5.4%. The win ratio for price rise in the first timeframe for the last 12 months is 0x giving a total win/loss ratio of 1.7x. Over the last month the average daily upward movement has been 2.000000%

JHC Basic Candle: White Closing Marubozu

[BULLISH]: Japara Healthcare has formed a White Closing Marubozu candlestick. This means, JHC has received strong buying confidence and upward price movement over the trading day with only a small lower shadow present. Given the limited timeframe in which signal has formed, further confirmation is required through volume and additional technical indicators.

[BEARISH]: Japara Healthcare currently has negative PVO -26.39%. The recent volume is losing momentum through a fall on the short term exponential moving average.

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