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Viva Energy Reit (VVR): Signals

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The Tricklar short term trend indicator (T1) highlights the high points and low points associated with the individual bars. As such, successive rallies penetrating preceding high points whilst cancelling preceding lower troughs offer a BULLISH indication in the second time frame. Conversely, failure of rallies to penetrate previous Lower peaks whilst maintaining prices below the previous lower troughs indicates BEARISH trends in the second timeframe.

Calculation: Tricklar short trend (T1):
1) [BULLISH] An uptrend is a succession of higher highs and higher lows;
2) [BEARISH] A downtrend is a succession of lower highs and lower lows;

PROFILE: Viva Energy Reit (VVR.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Viva Energy Reit
Ticker Codes: | VVR.AX | ASX:VVR |

About Viva Energy Reit (ASX:VVR):

Viva Energy REIT was established in August 2016 as the owner of an initial portfolio of 425 service station sites located across Australia; since this time the property portfolio has increased to 437 sites via the acquisition of additional properties. Viva Energy REIT is Australia's largest listed REIT owning solely service station properties with a high quality portfolio of service stations across all Australian States and Territories.

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