Viva Energy Reit

Candlestick Daily volume index Bar reversal Edit

Backtest results

Position Trades Duration Win rate Win/loss Avg win Avg loss Return
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%

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Trading Performance

Daily Volume Index



Position Trades Duration Win Rate Win/Loss Avg Win Avg Loss Return
LONG 16 17.9 0.44% 0.70% 2.9% -1.3% 7.8%
SHORT 15 19.6 0.27% 0.36% 2.6% -2.0% -11.0%


Technical Analysis

Viva Energy Reit (VVR.AX)



Last Signal:


Trading: HOLD @ $2.74
Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Viva Energy Reit (ASX:VVR) current accumulation has given strength to the share price and the continuation of bullish trading conditions. Currently, the DVI is 1493.

Indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading entry. Indicator can be applied to the short/medium term timeframe, but the best results are obtained with larger cyclical swings in-line with the trend direction. This accumulation / distribution oscillator can provide guidance on the money flow direction from the companies recent trading.

The daily volume index (DVI) is the amount of individual securities traded in a day on average over a specified period of time. Trading activity relates to the liquidity of a security. When average daily trading volume is high the stock can be easily traded and has high liquidity if trading volume is not very high and the security will tend to be less expensive because people are not as willing to buy it. As a result average daily trading volume can have an effect on the price of the security.

Calculation: Daily Volume Index (DVI):
1) [Close]-[Average price] / [Average price] x [Volume];

PROFILE: Viva Energy Reit (VVR.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Viva Energy Reit
Ticker Codes: | VVR.AX | ASX:VVR |

About Viva Energy Reit (ASX:VVR):

Viva Energy REIT was established in August 2016 as the owner of an initial portfolio of 425 service station sites located across Australia; since this time the property portfolio has increased to 437 sites via the acquisition of additional properties. Viva Energy REIT is Australia's largest listed REIT owning solely service station properties with a high quality portfolio of service stations across all Australian States and Territories.

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