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Smartgroup (SIQ.AX)



Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading position.

Smartgroup (ASX:SIQ) current pivot point is: $ 8.003.
The current resistance levels are:
(R1) $8.136
(R2) $8.243
(R3) $8.376

The current support levels are:
(S1) $7.896
(S2) $7.763
(S3) $7.656

Pivots Points are significant levels chartists can use to determine directional movement support and resistance. Pivot Points use the prior period’s high low and close to formulate future support and resistance. In this regard Pivot Points are predictive or leading indicators.

Calculation: Pivot Points:
1) Pivot Point (P) = (High + Low + Close)/3;
2) Support 1 (S1) = (P x 2) – High; Support 2 (S2) = P - (High - Low);
3) Resistance 1 (R1) = (P x 2) – Low Resistance 2; (R2) = P + (High - Low);

PROFILE: Smartgroup (SIQ.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Smartgroup
Ticker Codes: | SIQ.AX | ASX:SIQ |

About Smartgroup (ASX:SIQ):

Smartgroup Corporation Ltd provides specialist employee management services to government, health, and corporate sectors in Australia. It operates through Outsourced Administration (OA); Vehicle Services (VS); and Software, Distribution, and Group Services (SDGS) segments. The OA segment offers outsourced salary packaging services, novated leasing, share plan administration, and outsourced payroll services. The VS segment provides end-to-end fleet management services. The SDGS segment offers salary packaging software solutions and workforce management software; and engages in the marketing of salary packaging debit cards and distribution of vehicle insurances. Smartgroup Corporation Ltd was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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