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Shine Corporate (SHJ): Trading Signals

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[BEARISH]: Shine Corporate currently has negative PVO -31.27%. The recent volume is losing momentum through a fall on the short term exponential moving average. Currently, the return on PVO is 1%.

The Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO) is a momentum oscillator for volume. PVO measures the difference between two volume-based moving averages as a percentage of the larger moving average. As with MACD and the Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) it is shown with a signal line a histogram and a centreline.

Calculation: Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO):
1) Percentage Volume Oscillator (PVO): ((12-day EMA of Volume - 26-day EMA of Volume)/26-day EMA of Volume) x 100;
2) Signal Line: 9-day EMA of PVO; 3) Histogram: PVO - Signal Line;

PROFILE: Shine Corporate (SHJ.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Shine Corporate
Ticker Codes: | SHJ.AX | ASX:SHJ |

About Shine Corporate (ASX:SHJ):

Shine Corporate Limited provides damages based plaintiff litigation legal services in Australia; and insurance recovery consulting services in New Zealand. It operates through two segments, Personal Injury and Emerging Practice Areas. The company offers legal services related to personal injuries practice area, including medical negligence, public liability, catastrophic injuries, workers' compensation, and motor vehicle accidents; and other practice areas, such as disability insurance and superannuation claims, professional negligence, social justice, class actions, first party insurance recovery claims, landowners' rights, aviation, product liability, family law, and asbestos compensation. Shine Corporate Limited was founded in 1976 and is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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