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Trading: SELL @ $2.45
Signal Strength: STRONG

Indicator is best used in conjunction with additional indicators as it has the ability to highlight potential overbought or oversold levels. This indicator utilizes upper and lower bands to visually represent price extremes associated with the bands. Additional value can be added to the trading strategy by accessing divergences between price and volume.

SG Fleet (ASX:SGF) is currently Overbought highlighting the potential for a short term trend reversal in the downward direction.

Developed by Larry Williams, Williams %R is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator. Also referred to as %R Williams %R reflects the level of the close relative to the highest high for the look-back period.

Calculation: Williams %R:
1) %R = (Highest High - Close)/(Highest High - Lowest Low) * -100;
2) Lowest Low = lowest low for the look-back period Highest High = highest high for the look-back period %R is multiplied by -100 correct the inversion and move the decimal;


Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: SG Fleet
Ticker Codes: | SGF.AX | ASX:SGF |

About SG Fleet (ASX:SGF):

SG Fleet Group Limited, together with its subsidiaries, provides fleet management and leasing services in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It offers fleet management services, which include funding options comprising operating lease/contract hire, finance lease, and client sourced funding services; maintenance plans, including tire replacement; registration renewals; fuel cards and reporting, breakdown and accident assistance, comprehensive insurance, vehicle acquisition and disposal, and other products and services. The company's products include driversafety intelligence, which supports employers to develop driver safety practices and manage risks associated with employees using vehicles in connection with work; Bookingintelligence, a resource management application that enables to manage a pool of resources online; and app to keep track of novated leases. Further, the company provides Fleetintelligence 2.0, a reporting and management system that enables access to information on vehicle activity; and vehicle accessories, such as window tinting, in-car communications, vehicle safety kits and security systems, and satellite navigation systems. Additionally, it offers Logbook and the Logbook App for record keeping requirements of vehicles used for business purposes; FBT intelligence, a computer based system to enhance collecting and analyzing information for fringe benefits taxes; and roadside assistance, toll management, traffic infringement, and salary packaging services. The company was founded in 1986 and is based in Pymble, Australia. SG Fleet Group Limited is a subsidiary of Bluefin Investments Limited.

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