Ramsay Health Care

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Candlestick Daily volume index Bar reversal Edit

Trade setup

Position Order Entry Exit Stop Loss Risk Return Expectancy
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%

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Candlestick Daily volume index Bar reversal Edit

Backtest results

Position Trades Duration Win rate Win/loss Avg win Avg loss Return
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%



Code Company Date Close Change Indicator Value Signal

Trading Performance

Weak Reversal



Position Trades Duration Win Rate Win/Loss Avg Win Avg Loss Return
LONG 24 10.6 0.71% 2.43% 2.4% -2.3% 24.8%
SHORT 24 21.3 0.50% 1.00% 2.7% -2.6% 2.0%


Technical Analysis

Ramsay Health Care (RHC.AX)



Last Signal:


Trading: POSITION @ $73.62
Signal Strength: STRONG

Indicator CAN BE USED in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading position. Indicator can be applied to the short term timeframe but is only able to give and indication of the strength of the buyers versus sellers at the market close. This Japanese candlestick indicator can provide guidance on the short term battle between sellers and buyers from the companies recent trading.

Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC) has formed a new High Wave Line reversal pattern.

High wave candlesticks portray situations where the market is having difficulty coming to a consensus on a securities value. They are indicative of a market in which uncertainty and indecision prevail. Neither the buyers nor the sellers have a clear sense of which direction the market will head. The forces of supply and demand are equally balanced.

Calculation: High Wave Line Candlestick Pattern:
1) Small candlestick body One shadow required Shadow length 3x larger than candlestick body;

PROFILE: Ramsay Health Care (RHC.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Ramsay Health Care
Ticker Codes: | RHC.AX | ASX:RHC |

About Ramsay Health Care (ASX:RHC):

Ramsay Health Care Limited provides health care services to public and private patients. The company's health care services comprise day surgery procedures and complex surgeries, as well as psychiatric care and rehabilitation services. It operates approximately 235 hospitals and day surgery facilities with approximately 25,000 beds in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Italy. The company was founded in 1964 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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