Prime Television (PRT)

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Prime Television (PRT): Signals

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No strong reversal signals currently present. Previous signals for PRT include:

[BULLISH]: Prime Television has formed a hammer reversal pattern 293 days ago on the 28 Sep 2017. PRT has traded significantly lower than the stocks opening price, which was followed by a short term rally closing in the upper shadow of the days trading range. This indicates that the market is trying to determine the bottom of the short term downtrend.

No Bullish Engulfing formations in the last 12 months.

No Bullish Engulfing formations in the last 12 months.

No Bear Engulfing formations in the last 12 months.

[BEARISH]: Prime Television has formed a bearish Dark Cloud Cover reversal pattern 349 days ago on the 03 Aug 2017. This means, PRT has been in a short term uptrend with a white candle which is followed by a strong gap up on open but closes in the lower half of the previous candle. This indicates after a very strong open the bears have taken control on the close and highlights a potential trend change in the downward direction.

No Piercing Pattern formations in the last 12 months.

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Strong Reversal

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Company Close Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
RVA Reva Medical 0.28 25 107,500 0 NEUTRAL
AJX Alexium International 0.15 11.5 1,474,677 0 NEUTRAL
MSB Mesoblast 1.76 10 5,430,600 0 NEUTRAL
CSV CSG 0.24 9.3 926 0 NEUTRAL
BEE Broo 0.13 8.3 65,000 0 NEUTRAL
TWR Tower 0.72 8.3 7,208 0 NEUTRAL
ELX Ellex Medical Lasers 0.8 8.1 120,473 0 NEUTRAL
TNE Technology One 5.04 6.3 4,677,418 0 NEUTRAL
WTP Watpac 0.73 5.5 220,603 0 NEUTRAL
LAU Lindsay Australia 0.39 5.4 195,926 0 NEUTRAL
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