Premier Investments

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Candlestick Daily volume index Bar reversal Edit

Trade setup

Position Order Entry Exit Stop Loss Risk Return Expectancy
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%

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Candlestick Daily volume index Bar reversal Edit

Backtest results

Position Trades Duration Win rate Win/loss Avg win Avg loss Return
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%



Code Company Date Close Change Indicator Value Signal

Trading Performance

Elder's Force Index



Position Trades Duration Win Rate Win/Loss Avg Win Avg Loss Return
LONG 39 8.6 0.62% 1.33% 3.0% -1.6% 41.5%
SHORT 38 11.7 0.45% 0.77% 3.9% -2.7% 7.4%


Technical Analysis

Premier Investments (PMV.AX)



Last Signal:


Trading: BUY @ $20.08
Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Volatility indicators highlight potential moves of a stock which can either move sharply in the updwards or downwards direction. This indicator allows stocks to be compared on a level playing field to highlight high and low volatility. Normally, falling markets are more likely to be volatile than a rising markets due to the emotion that gets tied to trading. Use volatility indicators in conjunction with other indicators to reduce exposure to false moves.

Premier Investments (ASX:PMV) current price has highlighted recent buying pressure. Currently, the Elders Force Index is 9030.

Elders Force Index (EFI) measures the power behind a price movement using price and volume. The indicator can also be used to identify potential reversals and price corrections. The EFI is an oscillator that fluctuates between positive and negative values above and below a Zero Line.

Calculation: Elders Force Index (EFI):
1) Close – Close yesterday x Volume;

PROFILE: Premier Investments (PMV.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Premier Investments
Ticker Codes: | PMV.AX | ASX:PMV |

About Premier Investments (ASX:PMV):

Premier Investments Limited operates various specialty retail fashion chains in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The company offers casual wear, women's wear, and non-apparel products. It has a portfolio of retail brands consisting of Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Jacqui E, Portmans, Dotti, Peter Alexander, and Smiggle. The company provides its products through approximately 1,100 stores, as well as through online. In addition, it invests in listed securities and money market deposits. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Top 10:

Elder's Force Index

Company Close Change(%) Volume Value Signal
DOW Downer EDI 7.6 6 10,946,339 6,498 BULLISH
VRL Village Roadshow 4.02 4.4 636,398 34 BULLISH
PGH Pact 2.92 4.3 871,387 19,243 BULLISH
CAT Catuity 2.17 3.8 509,665 684,808 BULLISH
AAC Australian Agricultural 1.15 3.6 406,105 193,385 BULLISH
SYR Syrah Resources 0.6 3.5 2,137,353 443,194 BULLISH
BFC Beston Global Food 0.09 3.4 153,368 14,682 BULLISH
VRT Virtus Health 4.47 3.2 173,410 92 BULLISH
VGL Volante 3.64 3.1 46,740 7,574 BULLISH
ABC Adelaide Brighton 3.93 3.1 1,373,420 341 BULLISH