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Money Flow Index (MFI) is a volume-based indicator it could be used in technical analysis to measure the strength of money flow in and out of a security index and market. The principle of MFI calculation is a comparison of positive money flow to negative money flow. MFI is also known as volume-weighted RSI. MFI starts with the typical price for each period. The same as RSI the MFI scale is between 0 and 100.

Calculation: Money Flow Index (MFI):
1) Typical Price = (High + Low + Close)/3;
2) Raw Money Flow = Typical Price x Volume;
3) Money Flow Ratio = (14-period Positive Money Flow)/(14-period Negative Money Flow);
4) Money Flow Index = 100 - 100/(1 + Money Flow Ratio)


Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: PMP
Ticker Codes: | PMP.AX | ASX:PMP |

About PMP (ASX:PMP):

PMP Limited provides marketing, digital premedia, commercial printing, letterbox delivery, and magazine distribution services in Australia and New Zealand. It operates through three divisions: PMP Print, PMP Distribution & Marketing Services, and PMP New Zealand. The company produces catalogues and magazines, community newspapers, direct mails, fliers, promotional materials, and point of sale and packaging materials. It also delivers catalogues direct to homes; and distributes magazines to newsagents, supermarkets, convenience stores, and airports. In addition, the company offers marketing services, including creative design, brand strategy, business consulting, marketing automation, photography, videography, point of sale, public relations, digital content, and social media. PMP Limited is based in Pyrmont, Australia.

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Money Flow Index

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Company Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
BRN Brainchip Holdings 0.13 8.3 441,758 39.36 NEUTRAL
ARA Ariadne Australia 0.69 5.3 35,155 32.69 NEUTRAL
BEE Broo 0.08 4.2 240,104 62.13 NEUTRAL
ORE Orocobre 4.68 3.5 2,010,432 70.23 NEUTRAL
ONE Oneview Healthcare 0.95 3.3 30,211 73.06 NEUTRAL
SHM Shriro 0.63 3.3 3,488 31.67 NEUTRAL
MYX Myx 1.12 2.8 7,958,000 45.35 NEUTRAL
IFT Infratil 3.42 2.7 2,026 65.28 NEUTRAL
MNY Money3 1.78 2.6 342,103 59 NEUTRAL
YAL Yancoal Australia 2.83 2.5 18,792 66.03 NEUTRAL
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