Metro Performance Glass (MPP)

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Metro Performance Glass (MPP): Signals

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Metro Performance Glass (MPP.AX)



Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading position.

Metro Performance Glass (ASX:MPP) current pivot point is: $ 0.75.
The current resistance levels are:
(R1) $0.75
(R2) $0.75
(R3) $0.75

The current support levels are:
(S1) $0.75
(S2) $0.75
(S3) $0.75

Pivots Points are significant levels chartists can use to determine directional movement support and resistance. Pivot Points use the prior period’s high low and close to formulate future support and resistance. In this regard Pivot Points are predictive or leading indicators.

Calculation: Pivot Points:
1) Pivot Point (P) = (High + Low + Close)/3;
2) Support 1 (S1) = (P x 2) – High; Support 2 (S2) = P - (High - Low);
3) Resistance 1 (R1) = (P x 2) – Low Resistance 2; (R2) = P + (High - Low);

PROFILE: Metro Performance Glass (MPP.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Metro Performance Glass
Ticker Codes: | MPP.AX | ASX:MPP |

About Metro Performance Glass (ASX:MPP):

Metro Performance Glass Limited, together with its subsidiaries, supplies processed flat glass and related products for the residential and commercial building sectors in New Zealand and Australia. Its products include various glass products, including splash backs, benchtops, and kitchen doors and mirrors; and mirrors, inline showers, two and three sided showers, bath end showers, bath screens, and shower and screen hardware. The company also offers balustrades, stairs, room dividers, doors, mirrors, furniture, and balustrade and door hardware; and outdoor balustrades, pool fences, wind breaks, glass canopies, glass features, outdoor furniture, and balustrade and pool fence hardware. In addition, it provides installation services. Metro Performance Glass Limited was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

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RIC Ridley Corporation 1.46 2.1 193,856 0 NEUTRAL
CEN Central Australian Phosphate 5.5 1.9 2,001 0 NEUTRAL
EZL Euroz 1.18 1.3 1,271 0 NEUTRAL
FND Finders Resources 0.23 0 0 0 NEUTRAL
FSA FSA 1.11 0 8,942 0 NEUTRAL
AJD Asia Pacific Data Centre 2 0 13,094 0 NEUTRAL
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