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My Net Fone (MNF): Signals

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[WEAK BULLISH]: My Net Fone sellers are becoming less eager. This is the first day sellers have decreased eagerness for MNF reducing strength to a downtrend in the first timeframe. The biggest price range this month has been $0.5600 & the greatest daily price range this year has been $2.3900. The price range ratio this week versus the quarterly price range is 0.2x & the price range ratio this month versus the year to date price range is 0.2x.

The range of the bar gives important information about the strength of weakness of a trend. If buyers are very committed they will be keen to buy and will tend to bid the price up even in the face of some selling pressure. Price will quickly & easily move upward and the move will tend to be significant. As such expanding ranges indicate the either buyers or sellers becoming more committed. Alternatively once the range begins to contract the side in control are losing commitment.

[Calculation] Range Today Versus Range Yesterday (RTRY):
1) Expanding ranges on the upside indicates that buyers are increasingly eager;
2) Expanding ranges on the downside indicates that sellers are increasingly eager;
3) Contracting ranges on the upside indicates that buyers are becoming less eager;
4) Contracting ranges on the downside indicates that sellers are becoming less eager;

Top 10:

Range Today Versus Range Yesterday

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Company Close Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
LVH Livehire 0.49 2.1 510,990 -1 BEARISH
NVL National Veterinary Care 2.3 1.8 33,573 -1 BEARISH
CAJ Capitol Health 0.31 1.7 313,141 -1 BEARISH
TGA Thorn 0.61 1.7 415,991 -1 BEARISH
PWH PWR 2.69 1.1 34,565 -1 BEARISH
RIC Ridley Corporation 1.33 1.1 48,448 -1 BEARISH
RXP Rxp Services 0.5 1 194,447 -1 BEARISH
SMN Structural Monitoring Systems 1.01 1 29,107 -1 BEARISH
DFM Dongfang Modern Agriculture 1.01 1 21,538 -1 BEARISH
APE Ap Eagers Holdings 8.48 0.8 19,588 -1 BEARISH
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