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Roger Cole devised a method to use rally and reaction days. Cole disregarded inside and outside days to find three rally days in a row or three reactions in a row. This is like three soldiers or three crows in candlestick pattern analysis, except Cole allowed for inside or outside days to intervene. Three soldiers and three crows, while rare, are extremely reliable. So Cole gave us some relief from a strict definition, but traded off increased frequency at the expense of reliability. Cole also used moving average crossovers to augment the two-day (rally, reaction, inside, outside day) results.

Calculation: Coles Reaction Day:
1) Rally Day: High > High yesterday & Low > Low yesterday;
2) Reaction Day: High > High yesterday & Low < Low yesterday

PROFILE: Lifestyles Communities (LIC.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Lifestyles Communities
Ticker Codes: | LIC.AX | ASX:LIC |

About Lifestyles Communities (ASX:LIC):

Lifestyle Communities Limited, together with its subsidiaries, develops and manages affordable communities for homeowners in Australia. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in South Melbourne, Australia.

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Cole's Reaction Day

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TGH Tegel 1.1 4.8 8,341 1 BULLISH
PRT Prime Television 0.24 4.3 273,985 1 BULLISH
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MLD Maca 1.28 4.1 1,110,145 1 BULLISH
ADH Adairs 2.48 3.8 377,801 1 BULLISH
SDG Sunland 1.63 3.2 332,963 1 BULLISH
NHC New Hope 3.81 3 511,410 1 BULLISH
BGA Bega Cheese 6.93 2.7 884,468 1 BULLISH
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