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Ipoh (IPH.AX)



Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading position.

Ipoh (ASX:IPH) current pivot point is: $ 5.555.
The current resistance levels are:
(R1) $5.625
(R2) $5.75
(R3) $5.82

The current support levels are:
(S1) $5.43
(S2) $5.36
(S3) $5.235

Pivots Points are significant levels chartists can use to determine directional movement support and resistance. Pivot Points use the prior period’s high low and close to formulate future support and resistance. In this regard Pivot Points are predictive or leading indicators.

Calculation: Pivot Points:
1) Pivot Point (P) = (High + Low + Close)/3;
2) Support 1 (S1) = (P x 2) – High; Support 2 (S2) = P - (High - Low);
3) Resistance 1 (R1) = (P x 2) – Low Resistance 2; (R2) = P + (High - Low);


Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Ipoh
Ticker Codes: | IPH.AX | ASX:IPH |

About Ipoh (ASX:IPH):

IPH Limited, together with its subsidiaries, provides intellectual property (IP) services and products. It offers IP services related to the provision of filing, prosecution, enforcement, and management of patents, designs, trademarks, and other IP; and engages in the development and provision of IP data and analytics software under the subscription license model. The company is also involved in data analysis and software business, as well as provides software development and patent attorney services. It serves Fortune Global 500 companies, multinationals, public sector research organizations, SMEs, and professional services firms in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Germany, and internationally. IPH Limited was founded in 1887 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

Top 10:

Pivot Points

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APX Appen 15.59 5 1,063,220 0 BEARISH
SPL Starpharma Holdings 1.17 4 599,261 -0.02 BEARISH
NHC New Hope 3.77 3.9 954,842 -0.01 BEARISH
PSQ Pacific Smiles 1.36 3.8 35,462 -0.09 BEARISH
EZL Euroz 1.12 3.7 28,624 0 BEARISH
AMA Allomak 0.98 3.7 189,550 -0.07 BEARISH
ATL ASX 20 1.19 3.5 154,493 -0.01 BEARISH
LOV Lovisa 6.98 3.4 218,448 0 BEARISH
MMS Mcmillan Shakespeare 14.83 3.3 495,548 -0.31 BEARISH
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