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The Commodity Channel Index indicator takes a security’s change in price and compares that to its average change in price. CCIs calculation produces positive and negative values that oscillate above and below a Zero Line. Typically a value of 100 is identified as overbought and a reading of -100 is identified as being oversold.

Calculation: 20 Period CCI:
1) CCI = (Typical Price - 20 Period SMA of TP) / (.015 x Mean Deviation);
2) Typical Price (TP) = (High + Low + Close)/3;

PROFILE: Gentrack (GTK.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Gentrack
Ticker Codes: | GTK.AX | ASX:GTK |

About Gentrack (ASX:GTK):

Gentrack Group Limited engages in the development, integration, and support of enterprise billing and customer management software solutions for the energy and water utility, and airport industries worldwide. It operates in two segments, Utility Billing Software and Airport Management Software. The company's primary software products include Gentrack Velocity, Junifer, Airport 20/20, BlipTrack, and Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+). The company's Velocity and Junifer solutions provide billing and customer management solutions for energy and water suppliers. Its Airport 20/20, BlipTrack, and CA+ offers a solution suite to connect and unlock the airport operations, revenues, concessions, and passengers data. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Commodity Channel Index

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Company Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
AFA ASF 0.16 23.1 20,000 433 BEARISH CROSSOVER
ISX Isignthis 0.18 9.1 1,585,629 221 BEARISH CROSSOVER
BPT Beach Petroleum 2.04 6 25,271,336 177 BEARISH CROSSOVER
APD Apn Property 0.45 5.9 146,212 165 BEARISH CROSSOVER
MCY Mighty River Power 3.19 3.2 1,083 171 BEARISH CROSSOVER
WPL Woodside Petroleum 37.99 2.5 3,936,677 180 BEARISH CROSSOVER
RUL Runge 0.68 2.3 52,988 132 BEARISH CROSSOVER
PRT Prime Television 0.25 2.1 907,004 189 BEARISH CROSSOVER
PNV Polynovo 0.57 1.8 2,460,157 131 BEARISH CROSSOVER
MAQ Macquarie Telecom 24.2 1.7 2,295 131 BEARISH CROSSOVER
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