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The Ease of Movement (EOM) is a technical momentum indicator that is used to illustrate the relationship between the rate of an assets price change and its volume. This indicator attempts to identify the amount of volume required to move prices. Generally a value greater than zero is an indication that the stock is being accumulated (bought) and negative values are used to signal increased selling pressure. A high positive value appears when prices move upward on low volume. Strong negative numbers indicate that price is moving downward on low volume.

Calculation: Ease of Movement (EOM):
1) Distance Moved = ((H + L)/2 - (Prior H + Prior L)/2);
2) Box Ratio = ((V/100 000 000)/(H - L));
3) 1-Period EMV = ((H + L)/2 - (Prior H + Prior L)/2) / ((V/100 000 000)/(H - L));
4) 14-Period Ease of Movement = 14-Period simple moving average of 1-period EMV

PROFILE: General Property Trust (GPT.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: General Property Trust
Ticker Codes: | GPT.AX | ASX:GPT |

About General Property Trust (ASX:GPT):

The GPT Group is one of Australia's largest diversified property groups and a top 50 ASX listed company by market capitalisation. GPT owns and manages a $20 billion portfolio of offices, logistics, business parks and prime shopping centres across Australia. The Group has a substantial investor base with more than 35,000 shareholders.

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Ease of Movement

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DNK Danakali 0.85 11.1 121,149 -0.24 BEARISH
ATM Aneka Tambang 0.85 7.6 1,375 -26.09 BEARISH
PLS Pilbara Minerals 0.93 5.1 6,819,424 -0.14 BEARISH
QMS Qms Media 1 4.7 350,837 -0.1 BEARISH
GZL Gazal Corporation 4.2 4.5 4,625 -0.55 BEARISH
MLX Metals X 0.59 4.4 3,192,281 -2.47 BEARISH
MAH Macmahon 0.28 3.8 1,044,363 -275.39 BEARISH
PNI Pinnacle Investment Management 7.8 3.4 381,643 -0.01 BEARISH
FBR Fastbrick Robotics 0.17 3.1 827,618 -1.19 BEARISH
DTL Data#3 1.5 3.1 79,561 -0.53 BEARISH
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