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In technical analysis of securities trading the stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator that uses support and resistance levels. Dr George Lane developed this indicator in the late 1950s. The term stochastic refers to the point of a current price in relation to its price range over a period of time. This method attempts to predict price turning points by comparing the closing price of a security to its price range.

Calculation: Stochastic Oscillator:
1) %K = (Current Close - Lowest Low)/(Highest High - Lowest Low) * 100;
2) %D = 3-day SMA of %K Lowest Low = lowest low for the look-back period Highest High = highest high for the look-back period %K is multiplied by 100 to move the decimal point two places;

PROFILE: Freedom Nutritional Products (FNP.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Freedom Nutritional Products
Ticker Codes: | FNP.AX | ASX:FNP |

About Freedom Nutritional Products (ASX:FNP):

Freedom Foods Group Limited engages in sourcing, manufacturing, selling, marketing, and distributing specialty cereal and snacks in Australia and internationally. It offers gluten free, wheat free, nut free, nutritional oat based, low sugar or salt, or highly fortified products, such as breakfast cereals, snack bars, and other complimentary products. The company also provides UHT food and beverage products, including liquid stocks, soy, rice, almond, and dairy milk beverages; canned seafood products comprising sardines, salmon, and specialty sea foods; and nutritional powders, bars, and drinks. In addition, it invests in dairy farming operations. The company is based in Taren Point, Australia. Freedom Foods Group Limited is a subsidiary of Arrovest Pty Limited.

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