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Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS.AX)



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Trading: SELL @ $2.37
Signal Strength: STRONG

Indicator is best used in conjunction with additional indicators as it has the ability to highlight potential overbought or oversold levels. This indicator utilizes upper and lower bands to visually represent price extremes associated with the bands. Additional value can be added to the trading strategy by accessing divergences between price and volume.

Electro Optic Systems Holdings (ASX:EOS) is currently bearish highlighting the potential for a short term trend continuation in the downward direction.

The Donchian channel is a useful indicator for seeing the volatility of a market price. If a price is stable the Donchian channel will be relatively narrow. If the price fluctuates a lot the Donchian channel will be wider. The two outer bands are plotted as the highest high and lowest low for a set period originally 20 days with the optional middle band calculated as the average of the two.

Calculation: Donchian Channels:
1) Upper Channel = 20 Day High;
2) Lower Channel = 20 Day Low;
3) Middle Channel = (20 Day High + 20 Day Low)/2;

PROFILE: Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Electro Optic Systems Holdings
Ticker Codes: | EOS.AX | ASX:EOS |

About Electro Optic Systems Holdings (ASX:EOS):

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited develops, manufactures, and sells telescopes and dome enclosures, laser satellite tracking systems, and electro-optic fire control systems in Australia, the United States, Singapore, and Germany. It operates through Defense Systems and Space segments. The company specializes in space information based on the use of EOS-developed instruments and sensors to detect, track, classify, and characterize objects in space. It offers defense products, including remote weapon systems, optical sensors, and related products, as well as fire control, surveillance, and weapon systems to approved military customers. The company also develops technologies in support of space debris management and asset management in space, such as orbit maintenance support. Its products and services for the space sector comprise observatories, satellite laser ranging systems, telescopes, space surveillance equipment, detector systems, laser products, and electronics. Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited was founded in 1983 and is based in Hume, Australia.

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