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Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading position.

ELD (ASX:ELD) : The current Fibonacci Extension levels are:
(23.61%) $5.95
(38.2%) $6.06
(50%) $6.15
(61.8%) $6.24

The current support levels are:
(78.6%) $6.36
(100%) $6.52
(138.2%) $6.8
(161.8%) $6.98
(261.8%) $7.72
(423.61%) $8.91

Fibonacci extensions are used in Fibonacci retracement to predict spaces of resistance and support in the market. These extensions involve all levels drawn past the basic 100% level they are frequently used by traders to determine areas that will bring in profits.

Calculation: Fibonacci Extensions:
1) Uptrend: D = B — (A — B) x N%;
2) Downtrend: D = B + (B — A) x N %;
3) Fibonacci Levels:


Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: ELD
Ticker Codes: | ELD.AX | ASX:ELD |

About ELD (ASX:ELD):

Elders Limited provides livestock, real estate, and wool agency services to rural and regional customers primarily in Australia. It operates through Network, Feed and Processing, Live Export, and Other segments. The company offers rural farm inputs, such as seeds, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, animal health products, and general rural merchandise, as well as professional production and cropping advisory services. It also provides on-farm sales to third parties, regular physical, and online public livestock auctions, as well as directly sells through its owned and third-party feedlots and livestock exporters; real estate agency and property management services; agency services for the sale of greasy wool; brokering services for wool growers; and grain marketing services. In addition, the company offers a range of banking, funding, insurance, and financial planning products and services. Further, it operates an integrated feedlot and abattoir; imports, processes, and distributes food products; and trades in dairy, feeder, slaughter, and breeding cattle and sheep. Additionally, the company provides investment services. Elders Limited was founded in 1839 and is headquartered in Adelaide, Australia.

Top 10:

Fibonacci Extensions

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Company Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
DJW Djerriwarth Investments 3.15 0 147,901 -0.23 BEARISH CROSSOVER
NVT Navitas 5.59 -0.7 1,694,124 -0.29 BEARISH CROSSOVER
DCN Dacian Gold 2.47 -2.8 962,977 -0.7 BEARISH CROSSOVER
RMD Resmed 13.73 -2.9 2,921,038 -1.73 BEARISH CROSSOVER
AXP Airxpanders Inc 0.03 -5.6 595,860 -0.02 BEARISH CROSSOVER
BFG Bell Financial 0.82 -5.8 1,671,220 -0.22 BEARISH CROSSOVER
NHC New Hope 3.89 -11.8 4,781,324 -1.05 BEARISH CROSSOVER
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