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Volume Rate of Change Volume (VROC) is an oscillator applied to volume rather than price and is calculated in the same manner as the Rate of Change (Price) indicator. VROC highlights increases in volume which normally occur at most significant market tops bottoms and breakouts.

Calculation: Volume Rate of Change (VROC):
1) ( Volume [today] - Volume [n days ago] ) / Volume [n days ago];

PROFILE: Dicker Data (DDR.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Dicker Data
Ticker Codes: | DDR.AX | ASX:DDR |

About Dicker Data (ASX:DDR):

Dicker Data Limited engages in the wholesale distribution of computer hardware, software, and related products in Australia and New Zealand. The company offers a product portfolio of various technology vendors, including HP, Cisco, Toshiba, ASUS, Lenovo, Microsoft, and other brands. Dicker Data Limited sells its products to approximately 5,000 resellers. The company was formerly known as Rodin Corporation Pty Limited. Dicker Data Limited was founded in 1978 and is based in Kurnell, Australia.

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Volume Rate of Change

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Company Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
AJX Alexium International 0.16 18.5 1,120,791 270 BULLISH CROSSOVER
BAL Bellamys Australia 11.12 15.6 6,277,304 141 BULLISH CROSSOVER
ISD Isentia 0.22 12.8 1,311,704 13 BULLISH CROSSOVER
ECX Eclipx 1.05 7.7 18,142,612 54 BULLISH CROSSOVER
CKF Collins Foods 7.62 5.2 433,211 12 BULLISH CROSSOVER
SNL Supply Network 3.76 4.2 4,596 14 BULLISH CROSSOVER
PWH PWR 4.05 3.8 109,769 52 BULLISH CROSSOVER
FBR Fastbrick Robotics 0.08 3.8 4,072,266 36 BULLISH CROSSOVER
SHL Sonic Healthcare 25.48 3.6 2,228,702 108 BULLISH CROSSOVER
HUO Huon Aquaculture 4.76 3.5 6,812 11 BULLISH CROSSOVER
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