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Clearview Wealth (CVW.AX)



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Trading: HOLD @ $0.935
Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Indicator is best used in conjunction with additional indicators as it has the ability to highlight potential overbought or oversold levels. This indicator utilizes upper and lower bands to visually represent price extremes associated with the bands. Additional value can be added to the trading strategy by accessing divergences between price and volume.

Clearview Wealth (ASX:CVW) current trading has maintained the Envelope Bands to overbought status and signalled the continuation of the long trading conditions. Currently, the Upper Band is 0.9345.

Moving Average Envelopes are percentage-based envelopes set above and below a moving average. The moving average which forms the base for this indicator can be a simple or exponential moving average. Each envelope is then set the same percentage above or below the moving average. This creates parallel bands that follow price action. With a moving average as the base Moving Average Envelopes can be used as a trend following indicator.

Calculation: Moving Average Envelope:
1) Upper Envelope: 20-day SMA + (20-day SMA x .025);
2) Lower Envelope: 20-day SMA - (20-day SMA x .025);

PROFILE: Clearview Wealth (CVW.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Clearview Wealth
Ticker Codes: | CVW.AX | ASX:CVW |

About Clearview Wealth (ASX:CVW):

ClearView Wealth Limited provides life insurance, wealth management, and financial advisory solutions in Australia. Its Life Insurance segment provides life insurance products, including term life, permanent disability, trauma and critical illness benefits, parent cover, child cover, accident covers, income protection, and business expense covers through financial advisers, third parties, and external advisers; and non-advice life protection products, such as term life, accidental death, injury covers, trauma and critical illness, and funeral insurance through direct marketing, telemarketing, call center referrals or online. The company's Wealth Management segment offers life investment contracts, including ordinary savings, superannuation, and allocated pension products; superannuation and retirement income wraps, and investor directed portfolio service wraps; and managed investment schemes. Its Financial Advice segment provides financial advisory and dealer group services to self-employed financial advisers. ClearView Wealth Limited was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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