Charter Hall Long Wale

Candlestick Daily volume index Bar reversal Edit

Backtest results

Position Trades Duration Win rate Win/loss Avg win Avg loss Return
Long 10 4.5 20% 25% 1.6% -0.8% -3.4%
Short 5 4.2 40% 67% 1.9% -3.2% -5.9%

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Trading Performance

Weak Reversal



Position Trades Duration Win Rate Win/Loss Avg Win Avg Loss Return
LONG 12 24.8 0.75% 2.25% 1.9% -2.1% 8.9%
SHORT 12 36.3 0.50% 1.00% 2.4% -4.1% -10.5%


Technical Analysis

Charter Hall Long Wale (CLW.AX)



Last Signal:


Trading: BUY @ $5.15
Signal Strength: STRONG

Indicator CAN BE USED in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading position. Indicator can be applied to the short term timeframe but is only able to give and indication of the strength of the buyers versus sellers at the market close. This Japanese candlestick indicator can provide guidance on the short term battle between sellers and buyers from the companies recent trading.

Charter Hall Long Wale (ASX:CLW) has formed a new Bull Belt-Hold reversal pattern.

Bullish Belt Hold is a single candlestick pattern basically a White Opening Marubozu that occurs in a downtrend. It opens on the low of the day and then a rally begins during the day against the overall trend of the market which eventually stops with a close near the high leaving a small shadow on top of the candle. If longer bodies characterize the Belt Hold then the resistance they offer against the trend will be even much stronger.

Calculation: Bull Belt-Hold Candlestick Pattern:
1) The market is characterized by a prevailing downtrend;
2) The market gaps down and opens at its low and closes near to the high of the day;
3) A long white body that has no lower shadow (a White Opening Marubozu) is observed;

PROFILE: Charter Hall Long Wale (CLW.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Charter Hall Long Wale
Ticker Codes: | CLW.AX | ASX:CLW |

About Charter Hall Long Wale (ASX:CLW):

Charter Hall Long WALE REIT is an Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (?REIT?) listed on the ASX (ASX: CLW) and invests in high quality Australasian real estate assets that are predominantly leased to corporate and government tenants on long term leases. Charter Hall Long WALE REIT is managed by Charter Hall Group (ASX:CHC) one of Australia's leading fully integrated property groups, with over 25 years' experience managing high quality property on behalf of institutional, wholesale and retail clients. Charter Hall has over $21.4 billion of funds under management across the office, retail and industrial sectors. The Group has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The Group's success is underpinned by a highly skilled and motivated team with diverse expertise across property sectors and risk-return profiles. Sustainability is a key element of its business approach and by ensuring its actions are commercially sound and make a difference to its people, customers and the environment, Charter Hall can make a positive impact for its investors, the community and the Group.

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