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The Citadel (CGL.AX)



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Trading: SELL @ $8.13
Signal Strength: STRONG

The Citadel (ASX:CGL) current price has driven Commodity Channel Index to become overbought signalling the start of bearish trading conditions. Currently, the CCI is -111. During the quarter, the highest CCI value was 376. The last overbought signal occurred on Nov 13 2018

A bearish crossover has been confirmed due the last trading session with is a strong indication of a diretional change. This indicator can be used in isolation or in additional to another technical indicator to confirmation for trading entry. Indicator can be applied to the short/medium term timeframe, but the best results are obtained with larger cyclical swings in-line with the trend direction. This accumulation / distribution oscillator can provide guidance on the money flow direction from the companies recent trading.

The Commodity Channel Index indicator takes a security’s change in price and compares that to its average change in price. CCIs calculation produces positive and negative values that oscillate above and below a Zero Line. Typically a value of 100 is identified as overbought and a reading of -100 is identified as being oversold.

Calculation: 20 Period CCI:
1) CCI = (Typical Price - 20 Period SMA of TP) / (.015 x Mean Deviation);
2) Typical Price (TP) = (High + Low + Close)/3;

PROFILE: The Citadel (CGL.AX)

Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: The Citadel
Ticker Codes: | CGL.AX | ASX:CGL |

About The Citadel (ASX:CGL):

The Citadel Group Limited develops and delivers integration and managed service solutions to state and federal government departments, and the private sector in Australia. It specializes in managing knowledge in complex environments through integrating know-how, systems and people to provide information on an anywhere-anytime basis. The company primarily offers long term managed services, software-as-a-service, and strategic advisory services. The Citadel Group Limited is based in Symonston, Australia.

Top 10:

Commodity Channel Index

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Company Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
PMC Platinum Capital 1.83 0.6 167,917 -3 BEARISH CROSSOVER
ASX Australian Stock Exchange 60.03 0.1 329,491 -3 BEARISH CROSSOVER
FRI Finbar International 0.84 0 15,679 -19 BEARISH CROSSOVER
EVO Evolve Education 0.41 0 22,830 -15 BEARISH CROSSOVER
LAU Lindsay Australia 0.37 0 368 -35 BEARISH CROSSOVER
NZK New Zealand King Salmon Investments 2.44 0 1,871 -2 BEARISH CROSSOVER
PME Pro Medicus 9.55 -0.1 76,423 -13 BEARISH CROSSOVER
TCL Transurban 11.38 -0.5 4,004,186 -7 BEARISH CROSSOVER
IGL International Goldfields 2.04 -0.5 269,408 -17 BEARISH CROSSOVER
MNY Money3 1.67 -0.6 380,065 -75 BEARISH CROSSOVER
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