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Trading: SELL @ $0.62
Signal Strength: MEDIUM

Volatility indicators highlight potential moves of a stock which can either move sharply in the updwards or downwards direction. This indicator allows stocks to be compared on a level playing field to highlight high and low volatility. Normally, falling markets are more likely to be volatile than a rising markets due to the emotion that gets tied to trading. Use volatility indicators in conjunction with other indicators to reduce exposure to false moves.

Catuity (ASX:CAT) current price has highlighted recent selling pressure. Currently, the Elders Force Index is -90140.

Elders Force Index (EFI) measures the power behind a price movement using price and volume. The indicator can also be used to identify potential reversals and price corrections. The EFI is an oscillator that fluctuates between positive and negative values above and below a Zero Line.

Calculation: Elders Force Index (EFI):
1) Close – Close yesterday x Volume;


Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Catuity
Ticker Codes: | CAT.AX | ASX:CAT |

About Catuity (ASX:CAT):

Catapult Group International Limited develops and sells wearable athlete tracking and analytics solutions worldwide. The company offers ClearSky, a local positioning system that enables an end-to-end solution for measuring performance and tactical output; OptimEye, an athlete monitoring device; GPSports Evo, a plug-and-play athlete monitoring solution for the coach; OpenField, a customizable athlete analytics platform; and inertial movement analysis, a scientific algorithm that removes the inherent errors of inertial sensors. It also provides digital and video analytic software solutions for designing custom digital video solutions to enhance and optimize sports coaching operations, as well as monetization and distribution of digital media assets. The company serves sports teams, institutes, and universities. Catapult Group International Limited was founded in 2006 and is based in Prahran, Australia.

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