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[BEARISH]: BSE current distribution has given weakness to the share price and the continuation of bearish trading conditions. Currently, the DVI is -623.

The daily volume index (DVI) is the amount of individual securities traded in a day on average over a specified period of time. Trading activity relates to the liquidity of a security. When average daily trading volume is high the stock can be easily traded and has high liquidity if trading volume is not very high and the security will tend to be less expensive because people are not as willing to buy it. As a result average daily trading volume can have an effect on the price of the security.

[Calculation] Daily Volume Index (DVI):
1) [Close]-[Average price] / [Average price] x [Volume];

Top 10:

Daily Volume Index

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Company Close Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
BLA Blue Sky 1.96 21.8 1,451,562 -6,657 BEARISH
RAP Resapp Health 0.15 15.4 2,521,448 -828 BEARISH
AKP Audio Pixels Holdings 16.56 13.4 6,511 -267 BEARISH
HUB Hub24 14.45 13 470,932 -101 BEARISH
MIN Mineral Resources 16.58 8.3 1,585,071 -58 BEARISH
AJX Alexium International 0.16 6.9 960,302 -3,336 BEARISH
GZL Gazal Corporation 3.25 6.6 13,082 -179 BEARISH
FXL Flexigroup 2.21 6.3 607,399 -518 BEARISH
FBR Fastbrick Robotics 0.19 5.6 870,458 -2,967 BEARISH
DFM Dongfang Modern Agriculture 1.07 4.9 9,253 -71 BEARISH
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