Broo (BEE)

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Broo (BEE): Trading Signals

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The range of the bar gives important information about the strength of weakness of a trend. If buyers are very committed they will be keen to buy and will tend to bid the price up even in the face of some selling pressure. Price will quickly & easily move upward and the move will tend to be significant. As such expanding ranges indicate the either buyers or sellers becoming more committed. Alternatively once the range begins to contract the side in control are losing commitment.

Calculation: Range Today Versus Range Yesterday (RTRY):
1) Expanding ranges on the upside indicates that buyers are increasingly eager;
2) Expanding ranges on the downside indicates that sellers are increasingly eager;
3) Contracting ranges on the upside indicates that buyers are becoming less eager;
4) Contracting ranges on the downside indicates that sellers are becoming less eager;


Stock Exchange: ASX
Company: Broo
Ticker Codes: | BEE.AX | ASX:BEE |

About Broo (ASX:BEE):

Broo Limited produces and distributes beer in Australia and China. It operates through Hospitality, Australian brewing, and Chinese brewing segments. The company offers beers under the Broo Premium Lager and Australia Draught names. It serves hotels, liquor stores, restaurants, and other licensed premises through wholesalers. The company also manages pubs and boutique brewery venues. Broo Limited is headquartered in Mildura, Australia.

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