Bellamys Australia (BAL)

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Bellamys Australia (BAL): Signals

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[BEARISH]: Bellamys Australia is in a downtrend in the short term timeframe. The sellers have dominated the daily trade, however further confirmation is required before taking a position

The Tricklar short term trend indicator (T1) highlights the high points and low points associated with the individual bars. As such, successive rallies penetrating preceding high points whilst cancelling preceding lower troughs offer a BULLISH indication in the second time frame. Conversely, failure of rallies to penetrate previous Lower peaks whilst maintaining prices below the previous lower troughs indicates BEARISH trends in the second timeframe.

[Calculation] Tricklar short trend (T1):
1) [BULLISH] An uptrend is a succession of higher highs and higher lows;
2) [BEARISH] A downtrend is a succession of lower highs and lower lows;

Top 10:

First timeframe trend

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Company Close Close Change (%) Volume Value Signal
BDR Beadell Resources 0.06 7 4,104,304 -1 BEARISH
CGL The Citadel 6.85 4.6 44,882 -1 BEARISH
SFR Sandfire Resources 9.02 2.7 992,667 -1 BEARISH
VAH Virgin Australia Holdings 0.22 2.4 73,557 -1 BEARISH
QAN Qantas Airways 6.75 1.7 5,482,933 -1 BEARISH
CAB Cabcharge Australia 2.37 1.7 206,134 -1 BEARISH
CAT Catuity 1.2 1.3 190,219 -1 BEARISH
BEN Bendigo Bank 11.35 1.2 1,214,400 -1 BEARISH
CGF Challenger Financial Services 12.49 1.1 1,182,615 -1 BEARISH
MYX Myx 0.88 1.1 1,726,672 -1 BEARISH
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