What is Tricklar

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Discover, explore and compare the latest technical analysis from all major stock exchanges. Get access to more than 150 technical & fundamental indicators covering a wide range of areas including:


--> Accumulation/Distribution

-->  Bar Analysis

-->  Japanese Candlestick

-->  Fundamental

-->  Momentum

-->  Overbought/Oversold

-->  Support/Resistance

-->  Statistics

-->  Trend Following

-->  Trend Status

-->  Volatility


Tricklar Finance keeps you up to date with daily changes in company & market trading conditions. Easily find which stocks are Bullish & Bearish for each indicator at a given point in time which allows you to focus on the indicators that matter to you. Customize your view to focus you attention on certain companies to ensure to don’t miss a thing.   Now it is time to for you to shape your perspective of the news and view only the news that is important to you.